The Trail

Photography 3 September 2018

Unwinding my thoughts during the magic hour.

There is a reason why they call it the magic hour — the brief moment before sunset where everything is cast in the warmest tint of gold. The fluctuation of light in this transient moment evokes the most specific 2013 spring nostalgia in me. That’s around the time I started shooting a lot more during the golden hour following my final high school examinations. I had months of free time and was bathing in the blissfulness of freedom.


Around a year ago, I discovered the most beautiful place in my neighbourhood. Admittedly, I don’t actually visit this location as often as I’d like to, simply because I lack the will power to leave my house unless it is out of pragmatic necessity. Being someone who has developed a strong belief that balance is incredibly essential for all individuals, especially for those in corporate environments, I’ve been making a conscious effort to ensure that I am taking time out of my day to clear my thoughts.


As I walked along this trail, all I could hear were the distant echoes of birds chirping and fluttering as they flew to their next destination. I looked up into the blue sky silhouetted by vein-like tree branches as a soft breeze rustled the leaves way above my head. The branches were drenched in the most vibrant tones of orange and yellow. As I continued on the path, the leaves crunched softly under my feet as I inhaled the crisp air and absorbed the wonder of it all.


Next to this path, there was a bridge spanning across a small lake. There was no one else on that bridge. I watched as ducks glided at a glacial pace and rippled the stillness of the water. I watched as the moon became more vibrant in the sky — the same moon I’ve looked at countless times throughout the years. The sun continued to doze off into slumber, and a soft blue haze gently bounced off the rippled surface of the lake. I continued into the wild abyss, surrounding myself with trees and the quietest path. The wind has died down now. As I stared into the distance, my thoughts started to unwind.