Earn Your Stripes

Style 26 September 2018

Resuming the flow of sartorial content by way of severe stripes frenzy and denim on denim action.

By way of fulfilling my promise of more sartorial updates on this site, behold my stripes frenzy get up, which has been my best-loved ensemble as of late. Let me break it down for you.


Ever since that one kid ever so generously informed me that I looked god awful in stripes that one time, I’ve been relatively stripe-adverse. This ASOS shirt has hibernated in my closet for almost a year and a half now. That said, now that Sydney is in that awkward phase of Spring where we have 30 degree days and 12 degree nights, thin long-sleeved shirts have been getting unprecedented action.


As if reaching for that striped pyjama-like shirt wasn’t sufficiently daring, I’ve only just started appreciating the wonders of head-to-toe* denim. That said, I haven’t actually owned a denim jacket other than that time I got an ill-fitted faux shearling denim jacket at age 8 with all the rockstar tendencies I no longer possess. Granted, I did offset the normalcy of this UNIQLO denim jacket with my baggy, oversized jeans from Acne Studios.


Flowing on from the rockstar/bulky theme, these Lanvin chelsea boots have been super sturdy for my regular stomping around town. I have been eyeing these for quite some time on SSENSE and finally took the plunge when sales hit. Lucas Ossendrijver working his magic.

* Or more accurately, shoulder-to-heel.

I shot these self-portraits on this fine afternoon, which always seems to spark small talk with passersby. ‘It’s for a photography project,’ I always respond.

Shot on my Nikon D750 with 35mm f/1.8 lens.