The Trail


Taking a stroll along the most tranquil location during sundown.

Around a year ago, I discovered the most mythical place in my neighbourhood. Admittedly, I don’t actually visit this location as often as I’d like to, simply because I lack the will power to leave my house unless it is out of pragmatic necessity. Being someone who has developed a strong belief that balance is incredibly essential for individuals in all disciplinary fields, especially for those in the corporate rat race, I’ve been making a conscious effort to ensure that I am taking time out of my day to clear my thoughts. Having recently gone through yet another transitional period of my life, which has only served to accelerate the thoughts in my head, I decided to take a stroll along the most tranquil path during sundown.

Despite only being there for half an hour, this short trip proved to be more effective than I had anticipated, to the point where I felt foolish for not visiting this place on a daily basis. As I walked along this trail, all I could hear were the distant echoes of birds chirping and fluttering as they flew to their next destination. The soft breeze rustled the leaves way above my head. The leaves under my feet crunched softly as I inhaled and absorbed the wonder of it all. As the sun fell into slumber, everything was cast with the warmest tint of gold. If anything, this post is really just a personal reminder to make use of golden hour to place everything into perspective.