Urban Safari London Briefcase

Style 21 April 2018

There is something intriguing about the way in which fashion is able to wed form and function.

There’s this spot near home that I discovered last year while I was driving around the local area to avoid my readings for class. I actually found it quite inadvertently. I took a wrong turn and ended up in a no through road. Since I was trying to clear my head before heading back home to commit to a hectic study schedule for the rest of the day, I went for a walk. I came across a bridge that led me to a secluded path with tall trees. The sun peered through the branches and cast vein-like silhouettes on the ground. Since then, I’ve used this location for multiple brand campaign shoots. Having grown up in a dense city like Hong Kong, and having moved to Australia at the age of eight, I’m profoundly appreciative of Australian nature. There’s something about Australian light that beggars description. My immense adoration of Australian light also contributed significantly to my vision for this shoot.


Granted, this was very much an impromptu shoot, so there was minimal creative planning pre-shoot. As I trotted along from my parked car across the bridge to this almost-woodland location, I once again admired the way light danced slowly as the breeze tussled some tree branches above me. Frankly, the harsh afternoon sun cast unpredictable rays of light and unsightly shadows on my face; so for almost half an hour, I ran back and forth from my elaborate tripod setup and dismissed the perplexed gazes of passersby. Much like the general brand philosophy of Urban Safari, there is something intriguing about the way in which fashion is able to wed form and function, which enables apparel to fit seamlessly with its surroundings. Even from a visual aesthetic standpoint, there is so much commonality between the natural palette of the scenery and that of my briefcase.


COS shirt and trousersUrban Safari briefcaseLarsson & Jennings watch


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