Personal 15 April 2018

Allowing my platform to evolve in a way that aligns with the content that I want to create.

I created this online space in 2014 while I was still in the midst of settling into university. This website functioned largely as a personal online journal, through which I could offset the academic intensities of law school. Four years later, I’ve graduated from university, my cognitive processes have evolved, and my creative skillset has expanded. Really, the only thing that has remained constant is the way I use photography to document my life. When I think about my creative trajectory — drawing, painting, music, and now, photography — the common denominator is that I have always used these different mediums for the purpose of storytelling.


That said, over the course of the past few years of uploading content on this website, I’ve fiddled with the site design numerous times as an attempt to enliven some form of creative motivation to use this space more. Frankly, it has been disorientating to witness the severe proliferation of content in Digital, the significant weight placed on statistics, and an increasingly less engaged demographic. As such, during the course of relaunching this website, it was pertinent for me to reflect on what it was that I wanted to express on this soapbox.

In trying to consolidate what I wanted to say, I needed to figure out why. During a conversation at brunch late last year with a pal who wanted to venture off into the abyss that is social media, I asked what it was that she wanted to say and whether there was anything in particular she stood for. Then came the epiphany. Asking that question made me realise that up to that point, I hadn’t given much thought to what my platform was being used to convey.


This is slightly disconcerting yet numbingly unsurprising to me. I’ve spent my entire life feeling comfortable with identifying as a creative. Throughout the course of my childhood, I was constantly told I was a creative. My peers acknowledged that I was a creative. My mentors have always told me I was a creative. I even studied creative arts in school despite its implications on grade scaling. I had become so comfortable in identifying as a creative that somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten to ask myself whether I had evolved at all as an artist or whether I had merely pursued a path that lacked creative stimulation but seemed appealing at a certain point in time.

With that in mind, this relaunch is not some form of rebrand or significant shift in creative direction. It’s a refinement of my visual aesthetic and allowing my platform to evolve in a way that aligns with the content that I want to create — a mixture of documentary photography, expression by way of personal style, and cogitations on fashion and culture.


These self-portraits that I photographed over several days during sundown are quite befitting to the subject matter of this post. Much like a sunset, this website is undergoing a transitional phase in anticipation of better things to come.


I’m beyond thrilled to see this platform continue to mature and sincerely hope that the cleaner user interface of this website will enable space for contemplation, reaction and reflection.


So here it is.


A space for visual storytelling, artistic expression, and cogitations.

Self-portrait by yours truly