Manly to Spit Bridge Scenic Walk

Photography 18 September 2017

Distracting myself from the anticipation of impending law school gloom by way of doing a scenic walk and testing out my new camera.

Right before university started about two months ago, my friend and I decided to do the Manly to Spit Bridge scenic walk. Despite the fact that someone crashed into my car while I was driving to location, it turned out to be a relaxing day and such a necessary distraction from everything that happened.

Granted, I didn’t actually anticipate how far the walk was going to be, especially since I originally intended to visit Bondi Beach. What I know for sure is that I didn’t need my heavy duty jacket that is out of frame in the picture above. I ended up lugging the heavy thing around for the entire 10km (a distance I haven’t physically travelled since doing compulsory cross-country sports in high school).

In other news, I had the opportunity to test out my new X100F camera, which I am so impressed by. I’ve been on the search for a relatively compact, lightweight camera which could function as a DSLR alternative in the event that I end up going on a day trip like this. The prospect of being able to explore more hidden gems around Sydney this coming holiday break post-graduation is so thrilling. Watch this space.