Style26 July 2017

On comfortable outerwear, tailored trousers, not having my life together, and a pledge to post more sartorial updates.

In realisation of the fact that I have not posted anything style related for an entire year, I recently shot these self-portraits in the wee hours of the morning at a local park surrounded by judging spectators cozying up in their homes. As most impromptu shoots go, I rushed out of the house in my everyday winter getup, which I wear to work all the time, mostly due to its deceivingly formal, blazer-like construction.


Contrary to its structured appearance, however, this French Connection coat is probably one of the most comfortable pieces of outerwear I own, hence being the staple piece in my wardrobe this season. Alongside this, the equally comfortable tailored AllSaints trousers perfectly complement the overall hoodwink that I genuinely have my life together. On that note, I pledge to fill this space with more sartorial updates in the future as I had intended two years ago when I opened the style category.


French Connection shirt, Weekday sweater, French Connection coat, Allsaints trousers


Self-portrait by yours truly