A Scene

Commissions 25 December 2015

Of festivities, relaxation and unwinding.

Lazy days spent indulging in sweets, wine and cheese. A platter of cherries sitting by the bed with a flickering whiff of a scent so elusive you follow up with a couple more sniffs. Everybody is festive, and joy fills the air. Night is so prominent and the only things audible are the sounds of muscles relaxing and the mind unwinding. There is nothing quite comparable – this silence, the crackling of the fire, the citrus aroma that fills the room, coupled with the strong punch of red wine swirling against the cherry remnants.


This is how I spend my holiday evenings, at least I’d like to think it’s that fancy. I pull out my tray of goods and binge watch Scandal. And the red wine? We all know where that sudden craving came from. Thanks, Olivia Pope.

Kavaldon Kensington candle