Peppermint Grove

Commissions 17 November 2015

My first commissioned photography and styling project.

As much as I appreciate sunlight and the way the rays of gold seep through spaces and nature to cast warmth, I do enjoy a nice lazy day at home, preferably tucked up in bed with my laptop slammed right in front of my face. Obviously the extremely Tumblr way of portraying the scene would include a warm cup of coffee, flicking through rustic pages of the Great Gatsby and listening to the rain, which I (regrettably) do partake in on an occasional basis. Yes you can slap me now. But we both know my laptop takes precedence over fictional novels (although the pace at which I finished all of The Maze Runner novels will beg to differ) so I’ll probably resolve to doing something like stalking others’ blogs and committing homicide against my bank account. Amongst my many sins, online shopping is one of them. It’s no secret that I’m a tiny bit (extremely) obsessed with watching tv shows whilst falling asleep in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions at 3am with rain drizzling and tapping on my window sill with a nice aroma floating in my room. I’m that one person who takes netflix and chill in the most literal way possible. I will literally chill. Pass me the popcorn.


Where was I again?


Ah, right. It’s not everyday that you get nature-scented, organic aromas to accompany your leisure reading (or blog-stalking) that don’t smack you across your face when you walk into the room and block off all your airways with a sickening thick gulp of vanilla-caramel. There’s always something to cater for everyone’s secret (or overt) smell fetish and Peppermint Grove does it perfectly.

My first commissioned photography and styling project, shot for Peppermint Grove