Summer Sunshine

Personal 7 January 2015

Everything is golden in paradise.

The trees are bright green with orange hues cast by the brilliant sun. I lug my analogue camera along with me and shoot some film photographs. We meander in a large circle and admire the world around us. It’s seemingly quiet but nature is singing to us. The water glistens gently and welcomingly and ducks swim slowly. I settle for a healthy lunch and continued to walk around shortly after finishing my first Bloody Mary. With the spiciness still tingling in my mouth, we head to the woods and immerse ourselves in shelter from the heavy sun. The air is thick and dry but the wind blows heavily through the trees. The leaves crunch under our feet as we scurry along the woods.


The birds are loud and the sun is golden. The sky sparkles with jubilance and the waters are gentle. Ducks swim carelessly and we let the wind push us closer to the lake. Fingers running through strands of hair, sunlight flickering through blinking eyelids. Everything is green and blue and beautiful. I suddenly don’t have to worry or care about anything anymore. The world momentarily halts to a stop. Just temporarily.