18 December 2014

    Meandering Minds

    Books and rain.

    Rain and gloomy light cloud my room and so I lay in bed flicking through rustic pages and let my thoughts drown deep in an ocean of pensiveness. I stop trying to connect with the world and let my mind meander in deeper, quieter places. The noise around me seems to soften.

    Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Meandering Minds Minolta SRT 201 35mm

    OLDER Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Blue Bliss NEWER Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Summer Sunshine 35mm Film Canon AE-1



    dreamy photos, Jeffrey! I love it.

    Such gorgeous photographs, I love the first one especially!

    Your photos are always so thought provoking. I always seem to find myself pondering things I hadn’t given much thought, in more depth when I read your blog posts. <3

    Your photos look very nostalgic and emotional (in a good way). You use a special camera to achieve that, or? I am not so into cameras (still a bloody beginner), that’s why I’m asking.
    By looking at your blog I’d never expected you to be a law student – but hey – no prejudices. : )

    I wish you all the best.