15 November 2014

    A Little Catchup

    Things are getting better.

    The stressful days are finally over. All of my assessments are over for now, marking the end of my first year at law school. This is both exciting and strange because I still remember distinctly the first week of starting university. It was extremely daunting. It surprises me how much I’ve changed and how easy it is to adapt to new environments. Before it all comes tumbling down again when university resumes next year, I’m going to cherish the break and visit nice places, read good books and catch up on my favourite shows. The thought of 2015 almost arriving also scares me because time has literally flown by so quickly. Christmas is in a month’s time and for some reason I’m excited about Christmas this year. I’ve never been one to look forward to special occasions, including my own birthday, so for me to be this keen for Christmas is something different. Also, my anxiety-filled days are lessening, even though I still get paranoid over meaningless things. I hope this summer break will cure it.

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    having gone through some of your posts, i’m absolutely loving your photos. also, congrats on being done with first year! i wish my uni year was ending as well, haha, although it’ll be strange being done with uni. off the record, i’m quite excited for christmas as well, but won’t be admitting that before it’s december.. soon though! x

    Thank you! 🙂 Christmas is only a month away!

    Yes, let’s do hope the summer break shrouds us with more repose. I wish you all the best with law school, that’s some tough stuff! You’ll make it, Jeffrey. I’d love to see how you celebrate Christmas when it draws near, as I myself don’t get too festive.

    We don’t really celebrate it either but this year I’m just feeling really festive.

    Yay! Congratulations on completing all of your assessments! A nice, relaxing Summer for you is definitely well deserved after a stressful year. Enjoy your relaxation, and rejuvenate for next year! I can’t believe Christmas is in just one more month! I’m kind of dreading it myself!

    Christmas makes me so happy!

    ITS ME, I’ve made it big everyone, I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my friends …

    Just when you thought you made it big istg

    I love Christmas too puts hope in the air 🙂