1 November 2014

    Half Gone

    The heavy days are almost over.

    This week has been one of, if not, the worst lows I have struggled through. Bad things kept unfolding non-stop, one after the other, whether it was something related to university or personal life. The level of turmoil I had and the amount of effort I needed to put into pushing myself to battle on has made me weary. It felt like a cloud blocking my mind and a weight dragging from my body. Despite purposely going to bed at 9 in the evening, I still felt tired and unmotivated and defeated throughout the next day. I haven’t felt so terrible in so long. My anxiety and stress levels peaked and left me feeling like I was being asphyxiated. I am glad, however, that those days are almost gone. Half gone.

    It’s been a busy week and will continue to be busy until 15/11 which I am looking forward to. Today I had a court appearance assessment, which is basically a mock trial. I woke at 6:30, got there at 8:15 and waited until 12:20 for my case to begin. I do not understand how I waited for so long without doing anything apart from escaping the room for five minutes to go to the bathroom. The amount of people who were waiting outside the court rooms at first was so trapping, especially because today reached 36 degrees celsius and there was basically no air conditioning inside and everyone was close to each other. My assessment, however, went well. The magistrate said I did well so I can only assume I did a good job.

    Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Half Gone Tea Cup Photograph

    Jeffrey Chung Jeffrey Journal Half Gone Thunderstorm Photograph

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    Beautiful photos (I really like the colors and textures of your photos). And I hope these turbulent days go away soon.

    Never been a fan of rain, mostly because my dog loves to have loud conversations with the thunder – and it isn’t particularly the most calming sound you hear at 4am. However, I must point out that I find your photographs so beautiful. Call me visually impaired but I don’t often come across such striking photographs of thunder clouds online. S’pose I should search for more?

    Hope you are well as of now Jeff.
    Hugs from the Nectarine.

    Oh wait I have no arms.

    Thank you! I hope they do too.

    Jeffrey, your shots are always amazing, that lightening strike is just stunning. Regarding your mock trial, so glad to hear that it went well for you. Weeks like the one you described are excruciating and slow, and almost always seem like they’ll never end. Keep a positive outlook and keep trudging on, you’re almost there! The 15th is not that far off. I’m actually on my finals week for my current class, and I’m feeling a bit of stress as I am my team project lead, so I have a lot of responsibility I’m not enjoying this week. Sending good vibes and well wishes to you! Keep fighting Jeffrey, you can do it! <3 ^o^

    Thank you! Sending good wishes back to you! All the best with your project.

    thank you very much! may I ask which adjustement on your camera you used for catching the lightning? it looks amazing.

    It was on 1/800 f/5.6 if I remember correctly.

    Love the Thunder! I don’t know how open you are to strange astrological ideas but my friend put me onto this lady called Elizabeth Peru on facebook and surprisingly I’ve really loved finding the correlation between my moods and astrological happenings (of the more scientific variety). There would be some nights were I would constantly dream and wake up feeling like I hasn’t slept. I narrowed it down to occurring on full moons but then I found they were happening outside of full moons too – cue solar flares! My boyfriend jokes at me but seriously, I’ll wake up in the morning and know if there has been a solar flare or not based on my sleep. I follow Elizabeth Peru on facebook, unfortunately in the last few months she has transferred most of her content to her paid online newsletter but she still posts tidbits that I always find the correlate pretty well with me. Anyway what made me ramble in this comment, is that October was crazy, I think Nasa reported the biggest sun spot in 25 years. Even if you think this comment is whack, my sentiment is maybe that you’re not alone 🙂

    This interested me more than I thought it would have!

    not so good days/weeks are what make the good days so good, i suppose.
    things have been quite opposite for me lately, though i just got over a bout of the same feelings you described not too long ago, so i hear you. the off and on turbulence is perhaps part of being an artist… or just human.
    beautiful words and pictures you’re made.

    I agree. It’s a part of being human and living in general! Thank you!

    The storm will clear up, and things will become more lucid. The days will be gone before you know it. Just keep your chin up and remember what’s in it for the long run. 🙂
    Sending well wishes your way, Jeffrey x

    Thanks Rachel! Hope you’re well!

    Sorry to hear Jeffrey, those kinds of days are truly the worst, but at least they don’t last forever! And these colors are just beautiful.

    They really are! Thank you, though!