30 August 2014

    To the Moon and Stars

    Hello moon, are you listening?

    I’m the type to enjoy spending time alone in empty spaces with jammed thoughts. Peering out my bedroom window and spotting the moon hanging low from the ceiling of the sky fills me with an oddly satisfying gratitude for being alive and existent. It’s strange how something easily neglected with such simplicity can be so fulfilling at times of chaos and buzz. Moon-watching is now an addition to my small list of perpetual fascinations (including the rain and oceans). The list keeps growing. I’ve been making an attempt at being studious recently and surprisingly it’s been working out well. I’ve also been able to wake up earlier than usual (sometimes I suddenly wake up at 5am and it’s the best feeling ever because it’s been raining lately and opening your eyes to a eerie dark room with the sound of pouring rain is absolutely gratifying). Wishing for slower and kinder days because the present is way too dramatic for my lazy soul. Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines are all I have.

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